About Us


Mission Statement

To serve JCCC students, faculty, staff and Johnson County residents by providing access to a variety of services and resources that support and strengthen the instructional programs of the college and the higher educational needs of the community.

  • Acquire, inventory, store, and make available an organized collection of materials and information in print, non-print, and electronic formats.
  • Provide the facilities and environment necessary for individual study and/or research.
  • Provide reference and other professional services designed to develop self-reliant and critical users of information resources.
  • Provide library and other bibliographic instruction in locating, accessing, and evaluating information resources in a variety of formats or locations.
  • Provide interlibrary loan services that expand the resources and instructional capabilities of the local collection.
  • Provide bibliographic search and retrieval services for JCCC students, faculty, and staff.

Conduct in the Library

Campus members and members of the public are expected to observe JCCC’s Code of Conduct when using Billington Library. 


Borrowing materials requires a library card. Please bring your card to the library each time you visit.

Who may obtain a library card?

  • Students who are currently enrolled at JCCC will use their JCCC student ID as their library card.
  • Current or retired JCCC faculty and staff should present a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, to obtain a library card.
  • Johnson County, KS residents, age 16 and over, should present proof of local address and a photo ID, such as a driver’s license to obtain a JCCC library card. Johnson County, KS residents may have an Olathe or JCL card added to our computer system if it’s more convenient.
  • Business owners in Johnson County with proof of business address and a photo ID, such as a driver’s license.
  • Courtesy Cards from participating academic institutions are honored.

Where are books located?

  • Circulating books are all located on the 2nd floor of the library.
  • Reference books are located on the 2nd floor of the library.
  • Reserve materials including text books are available from the Lending Services Desk on the 2nd floor of the library.
  • All books are arranged by Library of Congress classification

What are Course Reserves?

  • Located at the Lending Services Desk, Course Reserves are items set aside for a specific class by an instructor.
  • Instructors wishing to place an item on Reserve should contact the Lending Services Desk at (913) 469-4484.

Where are the audio-visual materials?

  • Music CD’s and DVD’s are located on the 2nd floor of the library. CDs have their own shelving unit, while DVDs are within the stacks.
  • All other audio-visual materials must be requested at the Lending Services Desk located on the 2nd floor. Some materials may only be used in the library.

Where are Magazines and Newspapers?

  • Magazines and newspapers are temporarily located on the 2nd floor of the library.
  • When the first floor re-opens, both will be located in the lobby coffee shop.

Fines and Fees and Limits:

  • 30 item limit on checkouts.
  • 28 day checkout for circulating materials. Checkout varies for reserve materials.
  • 1 renewal circulating materials. No renewals for reserve materials.
  • 24 hour re-loan wait period on circulating materials.
  • 5 item limit on requests for materials.
  • No overdue fines are charged on circulating books, DVDs, or audio CDs.
  • Overdue Notices are sent at 4 days and 14 days. Final bill sent at 30 days.
  • Most overdue notices are sent via e-mail.
  • There is a non-refundable $10.00 notification fee applied to Johnson County Residents accounts when materials are not returned prior to billing.
  • Patrons are blocked from checking out materials when any fees are accumulated.
  • Fee for lost item is a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee.
  • Students with outstanding materials or fees will incur a hold on their college student record
  • Reserve materials incur a fine of $1.00 per hour, if late. Maximum overdue fine is $25.00

Where are the book returns?

  • On the 2nd floor at the Library service Desk
  • Outside book drops are on LIB building’s west side near the courtyard and east side near the FADS building

Library Faculty & Staff

Andrea Thimesch

  • Assistant Professor/Programming, Outreach, & Marketing Librarian
  • Contact for partnerships, outreach, or event requests/participation
  • 913.469.8500×3600
  • athimesc@jccc.edu

Barry Bailey, Faculty Chair

  • Professor/Digital Projects Librarian
  • Contact for digital projects, LibApps support, or general concerns
  • 913.469.8500×4841
  • bbaile14@jccc.edu

Cindy Cheng

  • Reference Librarian
  • Contact for library ADA technologies, ADA and Careers collection 
  • 913.469.8500×3871
  • ccheng1@jccc.edu

Heather McCann

  • Reference/Interlibrary Loan Librarian
  • Liaison for interlibrary loan 
  • 913.469.8500×3684
  • hmccann2@jccc.edu

Jessica Tipton

  • Professor/Online and Instruction Librarian
  • Liaison to Communications, English & Journalism
  • 913.469.8500×3286
  • jtipton4@jccc.edu

John Russell

  • Professor/Archives Librarian
  • Contact for archives requests, archives access, or interest in the library’s Business materials collection
  • Liaison to Business Division
  • 913.469.8500×3284
  • jrussell@jccc.edu

Kristen Ramsdale

  • Reference Librarian
  • Contact for collection development questions in English & Communication
  • 913.469.8500×4648
  • kramsdal@jccc.edu

Laura Theel

  • Librarian
  • Contact for archives Assistance
  • 913.469.8500 ext. 4369
  • ltheel@jccc.edu

Mark Daganaar

  • Library Director
  • Contact for electronic resource purchasing and licensing inquiries
  • 913.469.3882
  • mdaganaar@jccc.edu

Mark Swails

  • Professor/Copyright Librarian
  • Contact for questions about copyright
  • 913.469.8500×3773
  • mswails@jccc.edu

Michael Frisbie

  • Manager, Library Services
  • Contact for electronic resources and public service support
  • 913.489.8500×3473
  • mfrisbie@jccc.edu


  • Our computers are located on both floors, and have access to the internet and Microsoft Office programs. Files are erased after logoff from the computers. Please save material to a USB flash drive, the cloud, or email files to yourself.
  • One ADA-compliant computer terminal is available on the 2nd floor. Specialty software available on these machines includes:
    • Read & Write Gold
    • Jaws 14
    • Open Book 9.0
    • Zoomtext 10
  • There are other computer labs available on campus, including LIB 227. A student ID is required for entry into the other labs on campus.

Collection Policies