Courtesy Cards

Courtesy Card Program

The intent of this program is to provide JCCC students, faculty and staff with direct borrowing privileges at participating academic libraries in the Kansas City area. Students must abide by the loan policies of the lending institution. Materials not returned to the proper library will be billed for by the student's home institution.

Cards will be issued for three weeks for students, one semester for faculty. Cards will not be issued to students or faculty who are not in good standing at the home institution. Anyone applying for the card must not owe any fines or charges for lost materials. No exceptions.

Participating Courtesy Card Libraries:


Those eligible for borrowing privileges under this program are all full- or part-time students who are currently enrolled, in good standing and validated at their home institutions, and full- or part-time staff or faculty members who are employed at one of the member institutions at the time of application for a Courtesy Card.


Upon approval, a Reference Librarian at JCCC will issue a Courtesy Card to a JCCC student, staff or faculty member in good standing with the JCCC Library. Anyone applying for the card must not owe any fines or charges for lost materials -- NO EXCEPTIONS. The expiration date will be indicated clearly and will not be later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester for which the Courtesy Card is issued. Cards will be issued for three (3) weeks for students, one semester for faculty. Altered cards will not be accepted. This card must be presented along with a picture identification card at the Circulation Desk of the main library of a visited institution. The staff at the lending library will then make arrangements for local borrowing privileges according to the policies of the lending library.


Decisions regarding length of loan, types of materials available, penalties for non-return of materials, etc., are the province of each participating library, and will be communicated by the Liaison person to the other institutions. Visiting students/staff/faculty are required to abide by the conditions set by each library from which they borrow.

Late or Non-Return of Materials

The home library will be held responsible for all materials borrowed under this program and will be fined and/or charged replacement costs, according to the policy of the lending library. These costs will be passed on directly to the borrowing student, staff, or faculty in question; an admissions hold will also be placed on any student who fails to abide by this agreement. All overdue statements will include the name of the student/staff/faculty member and identification of the material(s) borrowed. The parent institution agrees to take all steps to retrieve the lending library's materials that it normally does to retrieve its own materials. In cases of particular problems, the Liaison person at the lending library will contact his/her counterpart at the visitor's home institution. Failure to pay fines and/or replacement costs in a timely manner or continued difficulties in returning materials may result in the termination of that library's Courtesy Card privileges.

Overdue Rule

Schools participating in the Courtesy Card Program will be notified of any overdues incurred by their students, staff, or faculty within fourteen (14) days. If materials are not returned and replacement costs exceed $300.00, the school will be eliminated from use of the UMKC Libraries through the Courtesy Card Program. The school will have 30 days from the last day of UMKC's semester to settle the account. Reinstatement in the Courtesy Card Program would be dependent upon negotiation with the UMKC Libraries Administration.


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