2019 Construction Updates

Timeline for Construction

As we move to the 2nd floor, the following dates will be important for service interruptions and changes.

  • October 14 – Interior demolition to begin between 12AM (Midnight) and 7 AM the morning of October 14. This work activity is scheduled to be substantially complete within two (2) weeks, but is dependent upon completion of Owner contracted abatement completion. Install of temporary wall near existing storefront will occur this week.
  • October 21 – Saw cutting of existing slab for new plumbing and electrical will occur overnight hours the week of October 21. The majority of the heavy noise will occur at night, but be aware that some noise could still be persistent, especially in regards to removal of concrete slabs, pour back, new wall construction, and ceiling hangers. It is our intent to identify the “noisy” activities and schedule that work for early in the morning, prior to campus activities ramping up.


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